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Cities United : How Mayors Are Tackling Gun Violence

Launched in 2011, Cities United is a national movement focused on eliminating the violence in American

SCOTUS and The New Trans Movement

Today is a historic day in the United States, the Supreme Court has just ruled in

Women Become Experts of Their Own Experiences with #WhyIStayed on Twitter

After Raven’s running back,  Ray Rice was released and indefinitely banned from the NFL, a discussion

Breaking The Chains

#ICanBeNext, the hashtag I thought about starting as I reflect on the fact that hip-hop artist

Los Angeles to Reduce Arrest Rate in Schools

LOS ANGELES — After years of arresting students for on-campus fights and damaging school property, Los

The timeline of events and scenes in Ferguson, Mo., since the shooting of Michael Brown

A protester takes shelter from smoke billowing around him Wednesday in Ferguson, Mo. (David Carson/St. Louis-Dispatch

Black Men and Boys Matter (Cities United)

         Every single day in America, news channels report tragic deaths. The back

You’ll Never See This Side of the Super Bowl on TV

via @PolicyMic  author @lauradimon It almost seems like another life, or like it could’ve, should’ve, just been

The Bullying Experiment: What Would You Do?

Bullying is a huge issue in our society, yet everyone  seems to be trying to find