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SCOTUS and The New Trans Movement

Today is a historic day in the United States, the Supreme Court has just ruled in favor of marriage equality, a landmark move. However, what does this mean going forward? More specifically, What does this mean for transgender people? Not much. Though we now have this victory, many queer people, including trans people, in this country do not have some of the most basic rights. Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity can still be discriminated against under the law, conversion therapy is still legal in most states, and LGBTQ kids are still being bullied and killed at alarming rates. Marriage equality is a win, even for trans people, who are less likely to have their gender changed on legal documents, but it is not the be all and end all. Transgender people are widely misunderstood, especially in the wake of Rachel Dolezal. Education is key, as is winning non discrimination protections. Jennicent Guttieriez had a good point when she heckled President Obama at the White House pride brunch on Wednesday. None of us is free until we all are. Trans undocumented women are still being abused in the system. As are many in the prison system. Marriage equality means that we must fight harder than ever for things we put on the back burner, and not cease until we are liberated and free.





Emet Tauber is a rising Junior at SUNY Purchase where he is aimlessly trying to figure out what he wants to do with his life. In addition to GenYNot, Emet is an active transgender advocate and works with both GLSEN and Original Plumbing magazine. In his free time he likes going to concerts, galavanting around NYC, and traveling. You can find Emet at @rememberandhope and

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