Love Won?

After today’s Supreme Court ruling, some LGBT folks will now have access to the state sanctioned privileges designated by marriage. Partners will now be considered family members and be given access to visitation of a hospitalized partner. They will receive the tax breaks associated with heteronormative marriage. Immigration status will be granted to some people through marriage. For some people in the LGBT community, this day in history changed their lives.

But today I did not feel like celebrating. In fact I felt like mourning.

There’s no doubt that marriage is glamorous. Rainbow flags look nice on every street corner. The slogans #lovewins and #loveislove make gay marriage seem like the most romantic “progressive” victory to date.

But the celebration is less concerning to me, than what continues to be hidden behind the rainbow flag. 20-40% of homeless youth identity as LGBT (USICH). Issues such as homelessness, suicide, and violence continue to be swept under the table.

It is clear that gay marriage will not end this violence. It will not end the prison industrial complex that disproportionately effects queer and trans* people of color. It will only increase the use of queer bodies as tools to pink wash the Israeli occupation of Palestine. Equality does not always mean justice. Equality does not equal liberation.

And it is okay to be young and queer and to not join in the celebration. Here’s to the queers who are loving, questioning, and dissenting.

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