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Women Become Experts of Their Own Experiences with #WhyIStayed on Twitter

After Raven’s running back,  Ray Rice was released and indefinitely banned from the NFL, a discussion on domestic violence took over Twitter. The decision to release Ray Rice was made months after the incident occurred but only hours after the video of him Ray abusing his wife in a hotel elevator was made public by TMZ. After millions saw this man abuse his wife unconsciously, similar to most conversations around violence against women, people began to criticize the role of the woman. What did she do to provoke him? Why did she still marry him a month later? Why didn’t she leave? What’s wrong with her? Is she in the relationship for the money?  Yes, anyone should leave a mentally and physically abusive relationship but it’s not as easy as walking into the room, packing your bags and walking out of the door. It’s also quite simple-minded to think that it is. I was reminded why I adore Twitter when instead of debating and cursing trolls out, the hashtag  “#WhyIStayed”.  Creating a public “safe space” for women from all walks of life to share their personal encounters of domestic violence. This is powerful. It’s not a time to ask questions. It’s not a time to criticize. It’s not a time to understand more. Shhhhh. Just listen to the experts. Well, in this case, just read the below.
National Domestic Violence Hotline – Go to the site, or call 1-800-799-SAFE (7233) for help and info for victims of violence, crisis intervention, safety planning and more. 24/7, in Spanish and English.

Jordan Howard is a Co-Founder of GenYnot. Jordan works with nonprofits and corporations to engage and activate youth to be champions of social causes. Yes, she is dope.

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