Police force protestors from the business district into nearby neighborhoods on August 11, 2014 in Ferguson, Missouri. (Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Ferguson Through the Eyes of Young People

Nearly two weeks have passed since the death Mike Brown,  an unarmed teenager that was gunned down by a Ferguson police officer. There has been much speculation regarding what instigated the confrontation between Mike Brown and the officer, who has now been identified as Darren Wilson but what is clear, is that this is not an isolated incident, neither in Ferguson or around the country. Over the last few months, there have been many incidents of police using excessive force, which in many cases result in the death of an unarmed individual. Since the death of Mike Brown, there has been a number of protests across the country and has now attracted the attention of the international community.

As a result, GenYnot  wanted to get the perspectives of young people who have watched the events unfold over the last few days. Below are clips talking about the policing of black men, the militarization of America’s police force, hashtag activism and what are next steps young people can take to support the efforts in Ferguson. Be sure to add your insight below.

Special Guests

Who Are Police Protecting and Serving?

Do We Need to Talk About Black on Black Crime?

Is Hashtag Activism Sustainable?

For more information regarding the work that is being done in Ferguson, please check out the national organizations below:

  • Million Hoodies: @MillionHoodies
  • Amnesty International: @amnesty
  • Dream Defenders: @Dreamdefenders
Jamira Burley is a Philadelphia government executive , working to create platforms of enagement for policy makers and youth. In addition she consults on a number of issues including, global education, youth violence, gun violence, corporate responsibility, youth engagement and black male achievement.

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