Tansa Clean Thinks the Future is Shit

There are 377 million Indians who live in India’s cities and then, there are the big gaps that exist in urban sewage treatment there. So untreated sewage finds its way down the path of least resistance – i.e., into the nearest river or stream. The result is set of devastating environmental, health, and economic losses. So two entrepreneurs – Anisha Shankar, an Indian from Seattle, and Mario Varon, a Colombian and StartingBloc fellow from Baranquilla, Colombia, have teamed up to found Tansa Clean, a company on a mission to transform sanitation in India.

They’ve focused their attention on one part of this problem – the water pollution caused when vacuum tanker trucks empty septic tanks and then dump their loads off into the closest waterway. Business partners Anisha Shankar and Mario Varon want to redirect those trucks to a growing number of anaerobic biodigesters in the country. There the waste will be broken down into an infinitely-renewable source of methane-rich biogas and a pathogen-free compost. That gas can then converted into electricity and can replace compressed natural gas in cars and trucks.

Shankar and Varon are partnering with a biodigester operator in the state of Maharashtra in India to test this system. They’ll create a network of vacuum truck operators who will make deliveries and they’ll measure gas and compost outputs.

Now, they are raising money to get Tansa Clean off the ground and finance this test. They just launched a campaign on Indiegogo to raise $20,000. They’ve caught the attention of Alaska philanthropists Robin Smith and Eric McCallum who have challenged Shankar and Varon to raise $5,500 on the campaign by midnight of October 20, 2013, at which time, they’ll kick in a $2,000 contribution. Help them get there!

Tansa Clean is a graduate of Fledge’s Winter 2013 program. Fledge is an incubator for “conscious companies”. i.e. companies with a triple bottom line focus – wanting the best for people, the environment, and for themselves.

I love business that is solving a problem and finding economic gain. This is smart economics, conscious capitalism, and  pure epicness.


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