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Freedom of Dependency: The Reality of Being Undocumented

One of the realities of being UNDOCUMENTED and trying to do the “right” thing:

Although a lot of you know my story and my background, few of you realize what it all means. Yes, I get to travel often. Yes, I get to work with amazing people. Yes, I am surrounded by love and support, but there is so much that I have put emotionally aside to be where I am.

One of these factor is the idea of INDEPENDENCE. Over the last four years I have DEPENDED on amazing friends and family, and even strangers, to provide me with food, shelter and hope. Although the community I have been blessed with reminds me that I am here for a reason, the reality is that I hurt everyday.

Through my experiences I have realized that everything happens for a reason, but that doesn’t stop me from questioning why certain things continue to happen. For example, why I HAVE to depend on people everyday.

I say this all to remind you all of the privilege that exists in being independent. A lot of you message me about how you wish you could do what I do, and that is totally possible, and even more so because many of you can LEGALLY work in this country.

What some of you fail to realize is that while you are complaining about the 40 hours you had to work this week, myself and many others around the nation are working 40+ hours for free just to make sure we are not sitting on our ass and are still able to get where we want eventually. We are ALL hustling in this world, but please don’t take your privileges for granted. While you all get paid, I continue to depend on people around me. And although I love them dearly, it’s hard.

It’s hard being a 24 year old college graduate who wants to work and pay for his meals, and his rent, and his clothes, and even his moms rent, but is unable to do so simply because of this country’s ideology on what being an American means. So as you all go on to work your night shift at your second job, or go into your morning shift on a Saturday, please remember that there is someone out in the world that wishes they could be doing what you are doing.

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