Women Become Experts of Their Own Experiences with #WhyIStayed on Twitter

After Raven’s running back,  Ray Rice was released and indefinitely banned from the NFL, a discussion

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Below is another installment of our featured series, #EducatedShade from the Co-Founders of GenYnot, Jordan +

10 Reasons Why I Don’t Need To Follow You on Twitter

My newsfeed should be concentrated information that I want to see. Unlike facebook (Yes shade to

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Breaking The Chains

#ICanBeNext, the hashtag I thought about starting as I reflect on the fact that hip-hop artist

Criminal Justice, Environmental, Palestinian Movements Should Divest Together

It’s been a hard summer. Climate change contributed to the growth of toxic algae that poisoned the water

Louisiana Residents Warned of Brain-Eating Organism in Water Supply

For the third time in a year, Louisiana residents are being cautioned to watch out for

Lack of toilets blights the lives of 2.5bn people, UN chief warns

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Thoughts on the Death of Michael Brown: The Criminalization of Black Men

Michael Brown of Ferguson, Missouri was shot 6 times (twice in the head), according to the

17 Beliefs About Sexual Assault That Are Dead Wrong

Drinking puts you at risk of rape. Wearing revealing clothing makes you a target for harassment.

John Stewart Responds To Fox News Ferguson Coverage

John Stewart is back from vacation so it's only right that he puts Fox News in

Ferguson: Ground Zero

Since the shooting death of Mike Brown, his name has sparked international protest and has inspired

Ferguson Through the Eyes of Young People

Nearly two weeks have passed since the death Mike Brown,  an unarmed teenager that was gunned down

Los Angeles to Reduce Arrest Rate in Schools

LOS ANGELES — After years of arresting students for on-campus fights and damaging school property, Los

What You Should Doodle To Boost Your Creativity

Did your boss ever catch you covering an important memo with Escher-like scribbles? In high school,