How I Became a Masked Man and Why I Unveiled

By Richard Taylor 6.1.16 (Lifestyle): Remembering traumatic situations is always a challenge for the one doing the recalling

Hell Hath No Fury Like…Awakening, Falling Head First into Karma & the Bondwoman’s Vengeance

13 May 2016 KELISHA GRAVES The season 1 finale of WGN America’s Underground was like “BOOM!

The Fierce Urgency of Now

After spending a week of planning In Birmingham, AL with colleagues & leaders from around the

Shades of Ebony and Blood: Flesh, Fantasy & Devil’s Snare

6 May 2016 KELISHA GRAVES Underground’s episode 9 was stuffed with flesh and fantasy in bloody,

A Gritty Cocktail: Messy Axiology, Performing Freedom & the One Drop Rule

29 April 2016 KELISHA GRAVES Ernestine: “We can survive anything,” Sam: “That’s what I’m afraid of

Cities United : How Mayors Are Tackling Gun Violence

Launched in 2011, Cities United is a national movement focused on eliminating the violence in American

“Oh Lord, Pray, Sinner, Come:” The Cultural Reverberations of WGN’s Underground

21 April 2016 KELISHA GRAVES “Oh Lord, pray, sinner, come. Move, Daniel. Move!” -Ms. Ernestine’s song. opening

Characters to Avoid While Online Dating

Oh to the new age of dating, it’s unlikely to find anyone now days who hasn’t

Nat Turner is Coming! A New Trajectory in Black Antebellum Filmography

28 January 2016 Kelisha Graves If you know anything about D.W. Griffith’s original film “Birth of a

Young People in Chicago Watch and Discuss Spike Lee’s Chiraq

Spike Lee’s newest feature film, Chiraq, has caused lots of controversy in Chicago since the inception

Viral Teen YouTube Star Renounces Conservatism

SOURCE:CNN The 13-year-old Internet phenom who gained national attention criticizing President Barack Obama and briefly was

The Audacity of Scandal’s Abortion Scene

SOURCE:THE ATLANTIC Around this time of year, “Silent Night” typically evokes nativity scenes: a mother and

John Oliver Says U.S. Students Don’t Know Much About Africa

Africa is a continent, not a country. Raven Symone isn’t the only American that does not

Love Won?

After today’s Supreme Court ruling, some LGBT folks will now have access to the state sanctioned privileges designated

A Woman on the $10 Bill Means….?

The U.S. Department of Treasury has confirmed that we will definitely see a woman on the